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Live Now: Big Thunder Marine’s Vibrant Virtual Boat Show

Between football games and trips to the fridge, at some point today you’ll need a break from Thanksgiving Day mayhem. And if you’re craving something powerboat related, you’ll want to hop online and check out Big Thunder Marine’s inaugural Virtual Boat Show, a multi-brand, multi-media tour the though the full-service Lake Ozark, Mo., company’s offerings from Fountain Powerboats, Donzi Marine, Statement Marine, Chris-Craft and Monterey.

Want to tour an amazing powerboat boat show today without leaving your couch? Big Thunder Marine has you covered with an engaging virtual boat show.

Once you enter the show, you’ll find each brand has its own virtual display. To make that happen, the hardworking Big Thunder Marine crew completely emptied the dealership’s large showroom. From there, they brought in models from each brand and photographed each one. Supported by videos and 360-degree virtual tours, each brand has the immaculate Big Thunder showroom to itself.

Across all brands, every model in each of the various showrooms has a target button that users can click for additional information. Hit the button for the Donzi 38 ZRC, for example, and you’ll be treated to a video of the boat in action.

Many of the actual boats displayed are noted as currently available for purchase—and all models are available for order.

“We could never bring all these models to a physical boat show, no matter how much space we had,” said Jeremy Anderson, the general manager of Big Thunder Marine. “We have created our own boat show and the mix of boats in it has never looked better.”’

Big Thunder Marine has given each brand its own virtual showroom.

Once each boat brand was set up in the showroom, the Big Thunder team painstakingly captured high-resolution images—as noted above—of each model. In shoot-time alone, the team logged more than 11 hours. Then the Big Thunder crew moved them all out and brought in the next brand. They repeated the process, which took several days, for all three virtual displays. (Fountain, Donzi and Statement are in one group, while Chris-Craft and Monterey each have their own exhibit.)

And Big Thunder Marine isn’t done. After the holidays, the dealership will produce a virtual boat show using the same format for its towed sports and pontoon boat brands.

“No one has ever done a virtual boat show like this one,” Anderson said. “It’s amazing.”

Click the image above to enter Big Thunder Marine’s Virtual Boat Show.

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