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Lilly Pops First Bullet 130 ‘Stella Rogue’ Hull

The first Bullet 130 sportboat hull produced in at least 10 years is out of the mold at Lilly Sportboats in Arnold, Md. As previously reported, LSB company principal Brit Lilly is partnering with mold-owner and speedonthewater.com contributing photographer Tim Sharkey in a move to resurrect the once-popular regional brand of single-outboard-engine-powered V-bottoms.

With his first Bullet 130 hull out of the mold, Brit Lilly expect to have the its new deck done in late December.

“I built it with a normal lay-up and the hull weighs less than 150 pounds,” Lilly said, then laughed. “And I widened the cockpit by five inches. All of my buddies are big guys so I don’t want to hear any complaints.

“I already have all the stringer materials,” he continued. “We’ll probably have the deck done right after Christmas.”

Sharkey, who has a longtime passion for the diminutive sportboat brand that included a period of ownership, said he’s delighted to have LSB-constructed hull No. 1 out of the mold and he’s looking forward to the next steps in the build.

“I am beyond thrilled to see it coming back,” he said. “The reverse chine I added to the hull design is a signature piece that made it the Sharkey Bullet 130—and more like the larger Bullet models we made.

“I have been compiling a list of names of all who are interested in buying one,” he added, “No pricing has been put together yet.”

Chances are good that Stella Rogue Lilly, Brit and Amanda Lilly’s four-month-old daughter, is not on Sharkey’s call sheet. But the first completed boat will be hers.

Lilly and Sharkey are hoping for a revival of the Bullet 130 sportboat. Photo by Tim Sharkey copyright Sharkey-Images.

“It’s going to be her first boat,” said Lilly. “I asked Tim, ‘How would it be to build the first one and sell it someone else?’ I have already named it the Stella Rogue—the design will have her name with a nice, LSB-style wave going through it.

“And of course, it will have plenty of pink for my baby girl,” he added.

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