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Lilly-Built Extreme Raceboat Ready For Paint, On Track For Cocoa Beach Green Flag

No one will ever accuse Brit Lilly of lacking ambition and the energy required to turn it into results. But even for the 34-year-old, multi-time single-engine V-bottom offshore racing world and national champion, things are more hectic than usual. In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities of running Lilly Sport Boats in Arnold, Md., he has two extracurricular projects—building the replacement for his 29-foot Extreme raceboat LSB/Hurricane of Awesomeness as well as the first new Bullet mini-sportboat in many years.

One step closer to the offshore racecourse, Brit Lilly’s new 29-foot Extreme V-bottom is almost ready for paint.

And just in case he’s not busy enough at work, Lilly and his wife, Amanda, have a beautiful, almost eight-month-old baby named Stella Rogue at home.

None of which has stopped him from making steady progress on his new 29-foot Extreme V-bottom, which is almost ready for paint and will be ready for its debut at the first race of the American Power Boat Association Offshore National Championship Series, May 20-23, in Cocoa Beach, Fla.

“We just primed her and now we’re going to finish the LSB bottom touches,” he said. “After that is paint and final rigging.”

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the current state of the new LSB/Hurricane of Awesomeness raceboat.

Lilly declined to elaborate on exactly what those bottom modifications will be. “I can’t be telling you about my bottom,” he said, then chuckled. “But if you come by the pits in Cocoa Beach I’ll show you.

Final rigging will be done in mid-April. Until then, and most likely till the moment he and LSB teammate Kevin Smith leave for the Cocoa Beach season-opener, Lilly will keep working seven days a week from 8 a.m. till midnight.

Lilly does have some loyal help in the shop with the project.

As for the former LSB raceboat, Lilly wants to keep it in the family, so to speak, if possible. He’s hoping that his longtime friend and Miss GEICO cockpit-mate Travis Pastrana will help him convince his high-flying extreme motorsports friends to campaign it and “draw more attention to the sport.”

“If that fails, the ‘proven one,’ as we call it, will be up for sale,” he said, then a laughed again. “I don’t think it’s financially acceptable for me to hang it on the wall.”

Lilly expects rigging to be done by mid-April and most of the parts for the job are already in house.

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