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Like Father Like Son

After spending a couple of days with my father, Don Johnson—no not the Miami Vice star but that doesn’t stop photographer Pete Boden from cracking up every time my dad calls during the Miami International Boat Show—I realized how lucky I was to be able to spend Father’s Day with him this year.

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Steve (right) and Stephen Kildahl have earned many checkered flags while sharing the cockpit in the Scott Free Racing/Boatfloater.com V-bottom. Photo courtesy Stephen Kildahl

It had been a few years since that happened. Plus, after a handful of interviews I did hoping to inspire a column about all of the fun the fathers and sons I know in this industry had last weekend, it was clear to me that I was pretty fortunate because many of them didn’t get to spend the day with their respective father or son.

I can’t speak for Ken and David Warby—the Australia family members who I wrote about yesterday on speedonthewater.com because David is eventually going to attempt to break his dad’s world water speed record—about whether they got to spend the day together, but I know a few of offshore racing’s best-known father-and-son teams were a little too busy to meet up.

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