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Like A Glove: Broward Trailer’s New Hull Scanning Technology

For many years, Broward Trailer Company in Hialeah, Fla., has been building high-end trailers for high-end go-fast boats and center consoles. And just as the construction techniques, sizes and styles of the boats have progressed over the years, Broward’s trailers have developed along the same lines.

broward outerlimits sotw

Joe Kilgore’s Outerlimits sits perfectly on the first trailer built by Broward using its new laser scanning technology. Photo courtesy Jim Nall

As the company’s offerings got bigger, stronger, better looking and better fitting, the latter has always been the most difficult to improve, especially with the way multi-step hull design has evolved over time. But thanks to the latest and greatest technology available, the fitting process has taken on a whole new meaning for the team at Broward.

“One of the new breakthroughs we’ve come up is that we’ve invested in a large-format laser scanner, which gives us a 3D shape of the bottom of a boat so we can get our bunks to fit correctly 100 percent of the time,” said Broward’s owner Jim Nall, who also runs Aqua-Air Manufacturing, a marine air conditioning system business for yachts. “This incredible innovation gives us a very accurate shape of the bottom and allows us to offer our customers the absolutely best possible fit to support their several hundred thousand, if not million, dollar investment.”

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