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Lickity Split DCB M35 Cat Owner Getting Schooled Today

“I think JP and Brad and Mike learned a lot of things they didn’t know yesterday,” said Martin shortly before hitting the water with his students. “I think they learned a lot about what happens under the boat when they’re running. Today, we should spend about four or five hours out there.”

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Said Martin: “I think JP and Brad and Mike learned a lot of things they didn’t know yesterday.” Photo courtesy/copyright Robert Brown/Robert Brown Photography.

After he completes his work in Lake Havasu, the noted performance-boat driving instructor will head directly to Detroit to teach a course. It will be the third course he has taught in the Motor City this year, according to Martin, who added that his fellow Performance Boat School instructor Brad Schoenwald will make another trip there this summer.

“I just got back from teaching a course on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire,” said Martin. “A lot of areas that have been slow for us in the past seven or eight years are picking up again. Lake Havasu and Lake of the Ozarks—they’ve been strong all along. But Detroit and the rest of the Northeast have been quiet, and they used to be great areas for us. Now they’re picking up again. It’s a good sign.

“I don’t know that we are necessarily any ‘busier’ than we were last year, but things have been a lot more hectic, more last-minute,” he added. “We’ve had quite a few boats break this year before we could get them in the water, and that’s a drag because its costs us and our customers money for us to come back. But some of the ‘dead areas’ coming back, that’s a very good sign.”

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For a look at today’s Lickity Split action from Lake Havasu, check out the slideshow above courtesy of Tres Martin.

Editor’s Note: Look for a comprehensive feature on Lickity Split in the upcoming issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which will go live next week on Tuesday, July 21.

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