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Lickity Split Commemorative Shirts On Sale Now

In honor of the three people who lost their lives in a boating accident in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.—Brad and Connie Kloepfer and Paul Selberg—the team at RiverDavesPlace.com generously put the time into creating and organizing sales of a commerative T-shirt recognizing the Lickity Split crewmembers with the proceeds going directly to the families to help with medical and funeral costs.

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Lickity Split memorial shirts are available at RiverDavesPlace.com in men’s sizes and women’s sizes (click image to enlarge).

Created in partnership with the companies that were part of the build—DCBAdrenaline TrailersSportChassis and Visual Imagination—and several closely connected media outlets/communities, including speedonthewater.comPositive TrimRiver Whips and Speedboat magazine, RDP is selling the shirts, which are available in both men’s and women’s styles, online along with stickers and soon-to-be-designed FlexFit hats.

“Randy Arrowsmith did the shirt designs—he handles our in-house graphics and does graphic design for Nordic BoatsHallet Boats and Revchem Composites,” said RDP’s Dave Johnson, who has received a lot of positive response since adding the men’s shirts to his online store a few days ago and the women’s shirts yesterday. “We went through basic drawings before settling on a concept and moving forward and dialing it in. I think the design came out great.

“Support for the families has been overwhelming already with one individual purchasing 200 shirts,” he continued. “DCB bought a bunch and Adrenaline Trailers will be selling them out of its storefront. Between word of mouth and all of the media outlets helping spread the news, we hope to raise a lot of money.”

Johnson added that he and his wife, Stacy, along with Dot Barnabi and Michael Irwin—two part-time RDP employees—are going to be busy packaging and shipping all of the orders over the coming weeks. But, like the initial work that went into producing the shirts, it’s going to a good cause so the extra work is worth it.

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