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Lamborghini-Themed 48-Foot MTI Takes Center Stage in Miami

With a yellow 48-foot offshore catamaran sticking up like it’s preparing to blast off, it’s hard to miss the Marine Technology Inc. (MTI) booth at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.

Gino Gargiulo's new 48 MTI is on display at the Miami International Boat Show with the car that inspired the luxurious catamaran.

Gino Gargiulo’s new 48 MTI is on display at the Miami International Boat Show with the car that inspired the luxurious catamaran.

The show-stopping 48-footer is the first with MTI’s restyled deck and features a Lamborghini appearance inspired by owner Gino Gargiulo’s special Aventador built to commemorate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary called the LP720-4 50° ANNIVERSARIO.

It’s hard to stand out in a fleet that includes an unbelievably luxurious center console (MTI’s new V42 SS) and two 52-foot catamarans (the canopied Pass Blocker owned by Brad Benson and John Rosatti’s first open-cockpit 52, Burger Fi) but bright yellow is a good place to start. The car helps, too.

The Lamborghini-inspired 48 MTI was painted by Visual Imagination in Missouri.
Loaded with LED lighting and a stout sound system, the 48-footer includes three large Garmin GPS screens and a new Mercury Racing VesselView display.Click images for captions and to enlarge

To showcase the catamaran as well as the luxurious Lambo, MTI teamed up with MYCO Trailers to build a custom lift utilizing the cradle from the boat’s trailer that raises the front of the boat off the floor at an angle.

“I’ve wanted to do a Lambo boat for years and getting this new special edition car was the inspiration,” Gargiulo said this morning. “It’s really cool to have the car on display with it. There wasn’t room for the car and the boat, so MYCO built that crazy lift for us—it’s a cool feature for sure. You can pretty much see the boat from everywhere in the convention center.”

Gargiulo said the boat has a set of Mercury Racing 1350 engines in it for display purposes only. The boat will head back to Missouri where MTI will install twin 1650 Race engines and complete a few more things before it’s ready to hit the water.

“The thing that’s a bummer is that there’s such a big cool run that gets great coverage taking place right here in my backyard and I won’t be there,” said Gargiulo, who was disappointed that his boat was only “show ready” not complete enough for the Florida Powerboat Club’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run. “I’m definitely excited to get it in the water.

“There’s no mistaking what the boat is with the headlights and taillights,” Gargiulo added. “Mark (Morris of Visual Imagination) did a beautiful job with the paint. From the crazy amount of blue LEDs to the leather-wrapped dash and amazing interior, I’m blown away by MTI’s attention to detail.”

Want to know the most amazing part? Gargiulo managed to keep the boat a secret from is wife. “She had no idea it was coming,” he said. “What’s that saying—it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission?”

Click on the images below for a closer look at the complete MTI booth.

Built to help promote the fast-growing Burger Fi franchise, the first open-cockpit 52 from MTI is as classy as performance boats come. MTI introduced a restyled 42-foot center console—the V42 SS—and the luxury upgrades are quite noticeable.
Pass Blocker, Brad Benson's canopied 52 MTI, is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1650 Race engines. The boat will be participating in next week's Miami Boat Show Poker Run. MTI's stunning V42 SS holds its own while surrounded by a 48-foot catamaran and two 52-foot cats.

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