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Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Day 1 Highlights: 208-MPH Mystic Leads the Pack

After a few years of issues that have kept the stunning 51-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran owned by Don Onken from reaching its potential, throttleman John Cosker—the owner and founder of the company—and driver Myrick Coil clocked a top speed of 208 mph to lay claim to the fastest speed after the first day of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri.

shootout15 mystic

Don Onken’s 51-foot Mystic catamaran laid down an impressive 208-mphtop speed on Saturday. Photo by Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

“That was the smoothest 208-mph run I’ve ever had in one of my boats,” Cosker said. “It didn’t pull that hard until about 80 to 90 mph and then it took off. We were on the rev-limiters pretty quick so we know there is more left. I’m so happy Don and this group—it’s such a big family.”

Unfortunately for Cosker and the rest of the American Ethanol crew, the second pass wasn’t as successful as the boat, which is powered by quad 1,700-hp alcohol-burning engines, blew a blower belt and left the team with some repairs to make before tomorrow’s runs.

Here are some more highlights from the first day of the Shootout.

• To start the day, longtime Shootout participants Jason and Dennis Parvey posted a cool 139-mph top speed in their 42-foot Black Thunder Powerboats powered by twin 1,675-hp engines, and proceeded to back it up with a jaw-dropping 143-mph top speed, which is the third fastest V-bottom speed ever at the Shootout.

“We’re coming back tomorrow with light fuel so we’ll see if we can get a little more,” Dennis said. “There’s probably a few mph left in it, but we’re pretty happy with it. And we’re really happy with how the boat handled.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images from Saturday’s Shootout courtesy of Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

• Tony Chiaramonte, DCB Performance Boats’ sales and customer service representative laid down an impressive 165-mph pass in the company’s new Lickity Split M35 Widebody powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines and owned by JP O’Donoghue.

“For some reason, you know when you have that perfect run on the course—and that’s exactly what happened today,” Chiaramonte said. “I was about three-quarters of the way down, maybe 7/8s and I was about 162 mph. Everything felt great and I left it right there and made sure not to lift until I was past the traps and it reached 165, which we are very happy about, especially after backing it up with the same speed on the next run.”

• To claim the title as the fastest solo female driver in Shootout history, California’s Summer Richardson posted a 147-mph top speed in her DCB F32 catamaran with twin Teague Custom Marine 1,050-hp engines.

• Racing in the Shootout for the first time, longtime spectators Ricky and Nikki Amos ran a 81-mph top speed in the Early Detection Racing Reindl Powerboats One Design V24 powered by an Ilmor Marine MV8 570 engine.

• Canadian performance boater Ryan McClay drove his 39-foot Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats with quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines to a surprising 92-mph top speed in his center console, which he called his favorite boat he’s ever owned.

Skater Powerboats owner Louis Marchese and Young Performance Marine’s Eddie Young clocked a 154-mph top speed in the 30-footer, but Young said they’re looking to run much faster tomorrow.

• George Ogden laid down an impressive 146-mph top speed in his E-Ticket Performance Boats 29 Luxury Cat.

Check out speedonthewater.com tomorrow for a wrap-up from the event, and be sure to visit the speedonthewater.com Facebook page for continuous updates or check out the live broadcast at krmsradio.com.

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