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Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Adding Single-Engine V-Bottom Top Gun Honor

According to several sources including Michael “Doc” Janssen, a recent speedonthewater.com story on Tyler Crockett’s upcoming effort this weekend to run his 26-foot Joker V-bottom with a 2,200-hp engine to 120 to 130 mph during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout has fueled substantial interest in the single-engine V-bottom category. In fact, the interest has been so great that the organizers for the Central Missouri speed contest are adding a Single-Engine V-Bottom Top Gun trophy for the 2016 event.

Ron Duggan, the Shootout’s primary organizer and the owner of Captain Ron’s, the host venue for the event, confirmed the new Top Gun category. At present, a final number of boats for the class is not available but reportedly more than half a dozen competitors will run for the new title.

“There will still be all the single-engine V-bottom classes,” said Duggan. “We’ll just go through them and find the fastest (for the new Top Gun honor). I imagine there will be a quite a few competitors.”


With a 2,200-hp engine in his 26-foot Joker V-bottom raceboat (above), Crockett hopes to take home a Top Gun trophy this weekend. Photo courtesy/copyright Tyler Crockett Marine Engines.

Heading for the Shootout tomorrow morning from his Ruby, Mich., home base, Crockett was delighted to hear about the new Top Gun category.

“That’ll be good—that will give me more to look forward to,” he said. “I was kind of upset we didn’t get to run (at the Northern Illinois Offshore Club top-speed event) in Illinois because the fastest guy there only ran 115 mph.

Related stories“I am going to start with my 26-inch-pitch prop, make one easy run and come back and play with it,” he added. “We’re hoping to get out there early on Saturday before it gets too warm. I have three props, the 24 I ran 118 mph with, a 26 and a 28, all in the same diameter.”

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