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Lake Of The Ozarks Debut Slated For Naturally Aspirated V-16s In 42 MTI Cat

Slowed by the pandemic in 2020, the Sixteen Power V-16 engine project has regained momentum, according to the Detroit company’s Tom Robinson. A pair of the outfit’s naturally aspirated mill producing a combined 2,200 hp have been installed in a 42-foot MTI catamaran owned by former offshore racer and performance-boating enthusiast Jeff Stevenson, and water-testing is ongoing.

The boat will debut on the water during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, August 25-30, in Central Missouri and will compete in the top-speed contest, said Robinson.

Equipped with a pair of 1,400-hp V-16 engines from Sixteen Power, this 42-foot MTI catamaran will in the water during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout at the end of the month.

Sixteen Power recently made a component change and upped the naturally V-16 to 1,400 hp, though the company will stick with the 1,100-hp. versions for the Shootout.

“We went back to the dyno with a bigger cam—there’s a video of our dyno run on our Facebook page,” he. “The result was 1,400 hp and 7,000 rpm.”

Featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Race Engine Technology magazine, the Sixteen Power V-16 platform was introduced at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show. The company plans to offer it in naturally aspirated and supercharged versions.

“We’ll do further prop testing next week, then it’s off to the Lake of the Ozarks,” said Robinson. “That will be the first reveal of the boat with its new V-16 engines.

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