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Krazy Kolors Adding Paint to New M31 Widebody from DCB

In an unusual twist for the team at DCB Performance Boats in El Cajon, Calif., Tony Chiaramonte isn’t planning to run the recently delivered M31 Widebody catamaran with its new owner until sometime next year. In fact, it might not be until the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., in mid-April before owner Mike Vigil and his wife, Rose, get their hands on the 31-footer that is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 700SCi engines and No. 6 drives painted Devil Red and Raven Black to match the boat’s unique graphics.

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The latest DCB M31 Widebody is going to feature a unique gelcoat-and-paint appearance when it’s complete. All photos courtesy DCB

Because Vigil, who has owned a variety of powerboats and drag boats, opted to do something a little different with his boat, it won’t be complete for a couple of months. That doesn’t mean the boat hasn’t hit the water though. Chiaramonte water-tested the M31, which reached 128 mph at 5400 rpm with its current setup—1.35:1 gear ratios and 18-degree-rake 16 1/2″ x 37” five-blade Mercury Pro-Finish propellers. He expects it to reach 130 mph with 38”-pitch props.

Immediately following Tuesday’s delivery to Vigil in Needles, Calif., the boat went to one of the West Coast’s premier hot rod and flat-bottom paint shops—Krazy Kolors by Billy B which relocated to Needles from Upland, Calif., last year. Billy Berkenheger, aka Billy B, and his team are adding graphics to the boat’s solid-color hullsides.

Vigil’s M31 Widebody features an asymmetrical gelcoat scheme with the port side boasting a solid red hullside accented with black and silver trim. To starboard, the trim is reversed and the hullside is completely black.

The M31 Widebody was water-tested then delivered to its owner in Needles, Calif., before being turned over to Krazy Kolors.

“I’ve always loved DCBs so when the time came to make the purchase I figured why not try something different,” said Vigil, who lives in Pomona, Calif., and has a place on the Colorado River in Mojave, Calif., where he does much of his boating (he also owns a 28-foot Conquest). “I’ve known Billy for 30 years—he’s painted some drag boats for me—so I know how talented he is.

“I trust Billy to do something cool,” he added. “He is so talented I just told him to go for it and surprise me. When he originally told me about his idea to add paint to accent the sides, I thought it sounded crazy. But I came around to it and now I’m excited to see how it comes together.”

Although embarrassed to admit it, Vigil said he teared up when he saw the DCB this week.

For more detail images of the 31-foot cat, check out the slideshow above.

“I had some reservations about the look, but when I saw the boat in person it was hard to explain how amazing it turned out,” Vigil said. “Jeff Johnston guided me through the whole process but just like I left the design up to Billy, I let DCB come up with something cool for the interior. And man did it turn out beautiful.”

The 31-footer includes two Simrad NSS7 Evo3 monitors, DCB’s Phase II stereo, a full Rigid LED lighting package and upgraded interior with vinyl, ultra-leather and partial Alcantara strips. The boat’s under cuddy space is equipped with complementary love seats and the carpet kit matches the gelcoat stripes on the deck.

Editor’s note: Speedonthewater.com will provide an update on the DCB once Krazy Kolors is finished with it.