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Key West Races Ranking Committee To Meet Early Next Week

All bids for the five-year contract to produce early November offshore powerboat races in Key West, Fla., have been submitted. Three bidders—the Offshore Powerboat Association and Powerboat P1, Race World Offshore and Super Boat International submitted Request For Proposals for the contract in time for the March 6 deadline, and those bids reportedly have been reviewed by members of the Key West RFP ranking commission.


The decision on the five-year contract for producing offshore powerboat races in Key West, Fla., moves one step closer next Monday. Photos courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

During a public meeting at Key West City Hall next Monday, the five-member ranking committee, which is made up of three city commissioners and two local Key West businesspeople, reportedly will disclose their rankings in the 100-point RFP to the bidders. But regardless of which would-be race promoter earns the highest score, the process does not end there. The rankings then will go to the entire city planning commission for a final decision.

The potential organizers are hoping that will happen during the commission’s April 16 meeting.

“Just because one organization or another ‘wins’ in the rankings doesn’t necessarily mean it will be awarded the contract,” said Azam Rangoonwala, the chief executive officer of Powerboat P1. “The ranking committee will provide their results and make their recommendations, but the city commissioners can still make a different decision. That’s my understanding of the process, at least.

“I’m going to be at the ranking meeting on Monday, will representatives from RWO and SBI, I think,” he continued. “They are going to be running through the various RFPs. They may have questions, and having a face in the room always helps.”

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