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Key West Friday Race 1 Wrap-Up: Snowy Goes Back to Back

It took all of 30 minutes and change today to complete the first races of the day this morning at Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla. Three classes—Superboat Vee, Production 3 and Production—competed in the morning event and when the checkered flag flew Snowy Mountain Brewery prevailed in Superboat Vee, Second Amendment finished first in P-3 and Five Brothers Grocery/Rum Runner earned the top spot in P-4.


As it did on Wednesday (shown here), Snowy Mountain Brewery took first place in the Superboat Vee class today. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

For Snowy Mountain Brewery, a 29-foot Outerlimits V-bottom owned by Michael Janssen, who throttled next to driver Brian Forehand, it was the team’s second win in as many races. Hot on their stern—approximately five seconds behind, estimated Janssen—was throttleman Steve Miklos and driver Stephen Kildahl in Sun Print/Boatfloater.com, Miklos’ new 30-foot Extreme V-bottom.

“We could see Steve in Sun Print the whole time in our rear cameras,” Janssen said. “We got a good start, and unfortunately they had to drive through all the wakes the whole time. It was a close race.”

After winning on Wednesday, Snowy Mountain Brewery was assessed additional “parity restrictions” again. In addition the added weight the 29-footer must currently carry, the team was required to lower its drive height (X-dimension). Yet the restrictions were not enough to keep the boat from winning today.

“We were really well prepared,” said Janssen. “Now it all comes down to Sunday. If we win on Sunday, we’ll take the title. If Steve wins, he’ll take it—it’s a great scenario. We couldn’t be happier with our position now.”

Janssen paused, then laughed. “You know, we’re the third oldest boat out there now behind Steve’s new Extreme and the Absolutely Not Fountain. I love how this class is advancing and developing.”

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