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Justice League Super Cat Raceboat Gets Radical Wrap

Though they’ll have to wait until the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix in early July, offshore racing fans won’t be able to miss the Justice League Skater raceboat when it hits the course for the first time. Ryan Beckley and his crew at Kinetic Animation in Bradenton, Fla., completed wrapping the new Super Cat-class 38-foot catamaran owned by Don Urfer in its new graphics this week.

And they’re wild.

Applied by Kinetic Animation, the graphics for the Super Cat-class Justice League Skater Powerboats 388 catamaran were created by Seth Mularz of Key West, Fla.

“My longtime friend Seth Mularz from Local Guy Design in Key West (Fla.) created the art and designed it with the team’s owner,” Beckley. “I grew up with him and he’s done several ‘artsy’ things for us during the years. I gave him a rendering of the boat I that scaled pretty well and he created the art.”

Beckley and company had the boat at Kinetic Animation for a little more than a week. In addition to removing much of the catamaran’s prior wrap—in its last iteration the boat ran as Gone Again under then-owner Kenny Mungle—they had to replace some of its hardware. Printing alone of wrap’s four primary pieces measuring 52 inches by 460 inches took two full days.

The shop’s Adam Williams, Chris Economides and Beckley handled the application.

The detailed Justice League wrap was essentially accomplished in four sections.

“It’s a big boat,” said Beckley. “We had to tilt it up and down every day and move it around the shop to work on it.”

Urfer, who will drive the Justice League boat, and throttleman Richard Davis had hoped to have the cat ready in time for the American Power Boat Association Offshore National Championship Series season-opener May 19-22 in Cocoa Beach, Fla. Instead, as noted above, their first race will be in Sarasota, which is third stop in the eight-race APBA series.

“Unfortunately, we won’t be ready until Sarasota,” said Davis. “We found a couple of mechanical issues with the boat that we had to address.”

Wrapping the Justice League Skater required moving it around the Kinetic Animation facility.

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