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June Boom: Four Events Just In The Knick of Time


Did last winter suck or what? It’s not that I had to face it in person in any meaningful way—I live in Northern California where courtesy of another dry winter we’re looking at summer water rations. But thanks to endless complaining on Facebook by most of my friends who reside in the Midwest and the Northeast, I know this winter was a bad one.

For most of my go-fast boat-owning buddies who live for warm days on the water and consider winter nothing more than a necessary evil, spring—and technically we’re still in it—was no relief, as in most parts of the country that season sucked just slightly less than winter.

So right now there’s more than a little pent up demand for some good and fast times on the water that even the mighty Tickfaw 200 in Louisiana and Desert Storm in Arizona—both in spring—couldn’t dent. Here’s the good news: There is a lot of stuff, from offshore races to poker runs, happening this month. What follows are four June events that, whether or not you live in their particular area, should be worth your time.

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