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JL Audio Releases Next-Generation Marine Loudspeaker Line

Dubbed the M6 series, the latest line of JL Audio full-range speakers, subwoofers and tower speakers will debut tomorrow when the Miami International Boat Show opens. According to a press release from the Miramar, Fla.-based company, its engineering team “has completely reinvented the premium marine loudspeaker, with major improvements in performance, precision and durability” with the M6 series.


The M6 series is JL Audio’s next-generation release of marine loudspeakers.

There are three sizes of coaxial M6 loudspeakers: a 6.5-inch designed to fit in standard marine speaker locations and two oversized designs—7.7- and 8.8-inch—that deliver even greater performance. Complementing the coaxial offering, the M6 line also includes subwoofer models, in 8-inch and 10-inch nominal diameters, and Enclosed Coaxial Systems in 7.7-inch and 8.8-inch diameters.

“Our engineering team has optimized all M6 models for open-air boating environments, taking into account the materials around them and the environment they will be operating in,” the release stated. “All materials, fasteners and assembly techniques are carefully engineered to ensure reliability and durability in real marine applications, including saltwater exposure. Component parts, materials and complete loudspeakers are subjected to rigorous environmental testing to exceed industry standards for corrosion and UV resistance.”

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Lighting is optional on all M6 coaxials and subwoofer drivers. JL Audio’s RGB LED technology allows buyers to choose from seven hard-wired colors. For customizing color and intensity, the company also offers a (sold separately) RGB lighting controller.

“Since its founding in 1975, JL Audio has been dedicated to producing precision engineered loudspeakers that offer unparalleled performance and uncompromising dependability,” said Andy Oxenhorn, the president of JL Audio, in the release. “That dedication still holds true after 44 years and couldn’t be more evident in our new premium loudspeakers.”

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