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JBS Racing MTI Catamaran Coming To PRI Show

A 42-foot MTI catamaran powered by Sixteen Power engines, JBS Racing, will be a “Featured Vehicle” at the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show—better known as PRI—coming to Indianapolis December 8-10. Though the V-16 engine platform itself was displayed at the event in 2019, it will be the first time the engines have been showcased in a raceboat at the show.

Having put on a show of its own during the 2022 Class 1 season, the JBS Racing catamaran powered by Sixteen Power engines is headed to the PRI event next month. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

The news was announced today in a press release from the Southwest Florida-based team.

“It’s a real honor to be included in this year’s PRI show,” said Jeff Stevenson, the owner/driver of the JBS Racing team, who shared the cockpit of the 42-footer with throttleman Micheal Stancombe during the 2022 Union Internationale Motonautique Class 1 Championship Series. “Our Sixteen Power motors have been at the show before, but this is the first time they have run a full racing season.”

Allowed to compete in the class this season with its 1,100-hp Sixteen Power engines rather than the spec Mercury Racing 1100 Comp engines—the df Young team also received an exemption to run its 1,100-hp Stotler engines in 2022—JBS Racing had a strong outing. The team finished third overall in the five-race UIM Class 1 series produced by Powerboat P1/P1 Offshore and third overall in the Race World Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla.

Following Key West, the JBS Racing team ran unopposed in the Extreme-class ranks at the Offshore Powerboat Association Englewood Beach Waterfest World Championships in Southwest Florida. Stevenson and Stancombe even showcased the MTI cat in three poker runs this season.

“The Sixteen Power engines were flawless all season,” Stancombe said. “With nine races, three poker runs and a bunch of testing, we only had to change the oil in them. We ran with the best of the best on two-year-old engines. I’d call that a success.”

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