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Jayhawks Fans Represent With New Mystic M3800

Like college basketball fans around the country, Brad and Patty Daniels of Shawnee, Kan., didn’t get to enjoy the NCCA March Madness tournament this year when the COVID-19 pandemic-forced the cancellation of the annual event. That was a particular bummer for the couple, and not just because they are rabid University of Kansas—their Formula Boats 400 Super Sport is even named Rock Chock Baby Doc in honor of the traditional Jayhawks chant—basketball fans. (The “Baby Doc” reference is a nod to Patty Daniels, who is a pediatrician.) With a Big 12 conference record of 17-1 and an overall record of 28-3, the Jayhawks were looking at a No. 2 overall seed in the tournament behind Baylor University Bears.

Southwest Florida will be home for Rock Chalk, a new 38-foot Mystic luxury performance center console owned Brad and Patty Daniels of Kansas.

Saving the K.U. alums from forever dwelling on what might have been, however, is a new Mystic Powerboats M3800 luxury performance center console they took delivery of last weekend in Sarasota, Fla., from Mystic dealer Scott Ryerson. As if owning a 38-foot Mystic center console powered by triple Mercury Racing 300R engines weren’t enough, the boat is dressed in Jayhawk colors thanks to Doug Harrell, Mystic’s go-to painter.

Called Rock Chalk, the boat will remain in Sarasota at Suncoast Powerboat and Yacht Brokerage, Ryerson’s headquarters. (The Daniels will continue to use their 40-foot Formula at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri, which is their home water.) The Daniels plan on running it to the Race World Offshore Championships in Key West, Fla., in early November, as well as joining the Fort Myers Offshore group for its 2020/2021 season.

Having never lived in Florida and done most of their boating in the Midwest, they relied on Ryerson to help them spec the 38-footer for its working life in the Sunshine State environment.

“The experience was excellent,” said Brad Daniels. “Scott gave his opinion of what we needed for the area and it worked out wonderfully. For example, I wasn’t going to add fender pins and he suggested them, and how much easier they would make things. I’m not a fisherman and I was not going to put rod holders and he suggested I just put in a couple, just in case. Now, I know we’ll use them. When it came to upholstery, Scoot suggested we get something that wouldn’t get scraped when you’re hauling coolers and other gear in and out of the boat—and would do better in the sun—so we went with tougher upholstery.”

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the Daniels’ Mystic C3800

Ryerson also suggested that he and Brad and Patty Daniels actually travel to the Mystic facility in DeLand, Fla., to order the boat and see the factory. There they met with Mystic owner and founder John Cosker, as well as Harrell, and went through the daylong process of ordering their new Mystic.

Daniels said his power choice of the triple 300R Mercury Racing V-8 outboards over a trio of Mercury Marine 350 outboards came down to the more contemporary V-8 platform.

“The torque of those outboards is unbelievable,” he said. “Without blinking an eye, you’re at 30 mph. And they’re efficient. At 50 mph, we were getting 1.46 miles per gallon.”

Daniels also ordered with the Mystic with an Atlas security system. He has the system set up so that he is immediately notified if the boat is moving, whether by water or by land on its custom MYCO trailer. “If the boat moves, I immediately get a text and an email,” he said. “I get up updates of its position, including its GPS coordinates, all the way.”

Said Daniels, “If you really want to know how your boat is being built, visit the factory.”

Per Ryerson’s suggestion, Daniels had Mystic set up the helm station with one 24-inch Garmin GPS unit and two 12-inch Garmin GPS units. The 12-inch Garmin adjacent to the 24-inch unit serves as a screen for a rear-facing digital video camera system.

“That way, I can always see what’s happening behind me without turning my head,” he said.

As for the new Rock Chalk Mystic 3800, it’s sure to turn the head of many—even if they don’t happen to be on the shoulders of Jayhawks fans.

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