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Jacksonville River Rally Fun Run Launches Stunning Website

As a pass-through, meaning promotional outlet, for editorial content, Facebook is unmatched. But as a platform for presenting that content, the social media giant is underwhelming. To be fair to the creators of Facebook, they had to build something an unprecedented number of users—2.9 billion at this point—could handle without having to learn even the most basic Internet publishing or website design and implementation skills.


An exceptional event makes the most of its online showcase. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

So, yes, as an “editorial content platform” Facebook is a cookie-cutter solution that lacks design and presentation flexibility. The trade-off is that it’s easy as hell to use and reaches a hell of a lot of people.

Still, when your editorial message and content needs are deeper, a well-planned and visually appealing website is essential. Clearly, Jacksonville River Rally Fun Run—renamed the Jacksonville River Rally and Poker Run for 2019—organizers Greg Harris (a longtime offshoreonly.com message board moderator) and Yvonne Aleman know this, which is why Aleman put in the long hours required to create a stunning and remarkably deep new site for their annual event in Northern Florida, which is set for May 16-18 in 2019.

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Click the image above to access the new Jacksonville River Rally and Poker Run website.