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It’s Almost Here: ‘Pegged 2 The Movie’


From camera technology and social media to the economy and the advancements made in performance boats, a lot has changed in the near decade that has passed since Chris Cooley produced “Pegged,” a full-length DVD documentary focusing on the boating lifestyle primarily around the Colorado River. That’s why there’s so much buzz surrounding “Pegged 2 The Movie”, which Cooley expects to be available in early February.

“I literally did the first movie for fun,” said Cooley, who sold his 30-foot Spectre in 2004 and replaced it with a video camera that summer. “I noticed that our sport or our hobby didn’t really have any cool videos like other action sports had. The idea came to mind when I was on hotboat.com back in the day, and people were starting to geek out over a little handycam video of a boat running.”

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