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Instant Raceboat, Just Add Owner

Taking “inventory boat” to another level, Performance Boat Center of Osage Beach, Mo., will soon receive a new canopied 32 Doug Wright catamaran. The full-service dealership will rig the 32-foot raceboat with new 300-hp Mercury Racing outboard engine power to the customer’s specifications.


This new 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran from Performance Boat Center can be rigged to its owner’s specifications for the 2019 offshore racing season.

“We ordered it to get a new race team a head start by having the boat all ready to go,” said Brett Manire, the co-owner of Performance Boat Center. “Now we’re just looking for someone who wants to get into a boat and go racing. Pick colors and add graphics and you’re ready to go.”

Vacuum-bagged and post-cured, the boat was built Kevlar, E-glass carbon-fiber-reinforced stringers, gussets and bulkheads and composite fuel tanks. Features included a stretched acrylic windshield and a carbon fiber and throttle. The catamaran comes with an aluminum trandem-axle MYCO trailer with electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

As pricing is variable depending on multiple factors and options, Manire said that potential buyers should call Performance Boat Center, which rigged the CR Racing  and Team Allen Lawncare 32-foot Doug Wright offshore racing catamarans in addition to its own world-championship-winning Skater Powerboats 388 cat, for a quote.

Performance Boat Center ordered the 32-footer eight months ago from the Melbourne, Fla., builder, which supplies the complete hulls and decks for its Wright Performance 360 sport catamarans. Powered by Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboards, the 36-footers are excuslively available through the dealership.

“Part of the battle with race teams is just getting going,” said Manire. “We’re going to be picking up this boat from Doug Wright in the next couple of weeks. We’re really into racing—we really enjoy it—and we just want to help bring another team into our sport.”

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