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Inside SOTW Mag: Typical Tickfaw

As is pretty much the case year in and year out, the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run hosted by Blood River Landing in Springfield, La., welcomed a substantial group of boaters to the swamps of Louisiana with open arms. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local who’s been doing the event for 20-plus years or a first-time participant from South Carolina or Arizona, the Cajun hospitality stands out at this longstanding Louisiana Bayou event.


Beautiful boats, fun stops and unforgettable parties—once again, the ever-so-popular Tickfaw 200 Poker Run in the Louisiana Bayou did not disappoint. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

The list of impressive boats also stands out each year, and 2018 was no different, especially when you consider all three Skater Powerboats 388 “Platinum Series” catamarans were on hand for the two-day, 200-plus-mile run.

Along with the first 388—Bill Pyburn’s Pure Platinum, which was built in 2015 and is now owned by Puyburn’s friend, Michael Pierce— Chris Bradley’s Rainmaker 38-foot cat was joined by the Branton family’s brand-new 388, VOODOO, which turned a lot of heads. So much so that the gorgeous boat was a no-brainer for the cover of this issue.

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