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Inside SOTW Mag: Two Teague Repowers


One brother’s new power package for his 38-foot Fountain leads to a refreshed engine upgrade for the other brother’s 35-foot Donzi.

With parts of five decades dedicated toward this passion turned profession, I’ve shaken hands, worked on boats, raced alongside, made friendships and struck business deals with some of the most interesting people I would never have dreamed of meeting before diving into the powerboat industry with Teague Custom Marine in 1972. It’s arguably the highlight of my business ventures—that and having my family beside me along the way.

Family—mine in particular—has been a topic in this column before, but this time around I’d like to highlight another family, one that’s been a part of the TCM extended family for some time. Earlier this year we took care of two special customers— Eric and Ken Smith, the brothers who run the respected Northwest car dealership Dave Smith Auto Group with their sister, Michelle Dahl—and pulled off a tandem power upgrade involving both brothers’ boats.

I remember meeting Ken when he brought his 2005 Fountain Powerboats 38-foot V-bottom to us and we removed the Mercury 500EFI engines and completely rebuilt them to TCM 825EFI spec, including dual-stage water pumps, larger oil coolers, new EFI harnesses and ECMs A few years later Ken went back into project mode on the boat, and added a ton of high-end stereo and lighting, which added a lot of weight so the boat, in turn leading him to want more power to compensate.

So when he came to us last winter wanting to upgrade the power in the 38-footer to our TCM 1050EFIs, we were excited about the conversion.

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