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Inside SOTW Mag: Top Shelf Top Gun Restoration


Here is the great irony of making a living in the high-performance powerboat world: You don’t get to do a lot of “just for fun” high-performance boating. Almost all of your time on the water is working time, and while there are far less enjoyable ways to make a living the fact is your time there needs to be spent in service of your work. You get out there to test your product—from boat to engine—and then you get to back to your business to either tinker with it or call it good and move onto the next one. Because time is money, you keep it short and sweet.

Ron Potter, the founder and namesake of Potter Performance Engines in Sarasota, Fla., know this drill all too well. For Potter, a boating season typically means hopping in a dozen or so boats powered by his engines with their owners and maybe even their builders, running around for a bit and then heading back to his shop to get back to work. He knows the season is over when his 12,000-square-foot (and soon to be expanding) facility begins to fill with boats for the winter.

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