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Inside SOTW Mag: The Year In Pictures


Whether you see 2014 as the best or worst year in the history of high-performance powerboating, and you could make a strong case for either, one thing is certain: You’ll never forget it.

Nor will we. In our combined 30-plus years of covering the go-fast boating world, we’ve never seen anything like 2014. This year was full of euphoric highs and agonizing lows, and not a whole lot in between. On the best days, we couldn’t wait to report the news—it felt like a privilege. On the worst, we could hardly stand to touch our keyboards—it felt like a burden.

Both experiences, of course, come with the territory of covering a market you’ve come to love. You don’t get to choose the news, good or bad. But either way, you have to report it.

Truth be told, we’re still too close to the events of 2014 to put the year in any kind of proper perspective. But like you, we know we’ll never forget it. And when memories fade, as they always do, the images from 2014 that follow—in no particular order—will serve to remind us.

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(Top photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.)