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Inside SOTW Mag: The Tyler Miller Interview

Tyler Miller, the owner and throttleman of the Supercat-class M-Con offshore racing team, has a family history of playing in the dirt. The 41-year-old racer owns M-Con, an underground utility installation and earthworks company headquartered in Wathena, Kans. His father, Jim, and late grandfather, Ed, spent their adult lifetimes in the same line of work. But Miller enjoys playing hard on the water as least as much as he does working with earth. Though it hasn’t begun yet, this will be his fourth year in the sport. And though he’s eager for it start, he’s definitely focused on the bigger picture in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyler and Lindsey Miller visited with Skater Powerboats found and owner Pete Hledin earlier this year.

How did you come to be involved in offshore racing?

I was at the Lake Race on the Lake of the Ozarks seven years ago. We had camped out on turn one, and I saw Cleveland Construction running. I said, “I am going to do that someday.” This rest is history.

You started your racing career in a 40-foot catamaran, which was the former WHM Motorsports boat, with driver Tyson Garvin. You’ve sold it and moved in a Skater 438 cat. What prompted the change?

The 438 isn’t just stunning—it’s the most modern technology on the water. We could have gone with a Skater 388 and it’s a very good boat. Everyone knows where the drive height and weight should be, what kind of props work best, but we wanted to go out of the box. This is the first 438 raceboat and it’s going to take a lot of testing to get it right. But once we get it set up correctly, it will be plenty fast and have plenty of length if we ever have another rough-water race (laughs).

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