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Inside SOTW Mag: The Greg Weber Interview

Greg Weber, the ever-personable and understated Chicagoland-based director of sales and dealer development for Mystic Powerboats in DeLand, Fla., has enjoyed an amazing journey from his early days working for the Maxum and Bayliner brands in Arlington, Wash. The 57-year-old Pacific Northwest native eventually moved to the Midwest, first to Detroit in the mid-1990s and later to Chicago to manage a Skipper Bud’s Sea-Ray dealership. In 2004, he began working with Scott Sjogren of Sjogren Performance Marine. The experience exposed Weber to high-performance boats through sales of the Fountain Powerboats brand. Sjogren partnered with Mystic’s John Cosker in 2015—and shut down his business a couple of years later—and Weber came with him. In early 2018, Sjogren and Cosker parted ways, and Weber assumed his current role with Mystic.

Greg Weber (left with Mystic founder John Cosker, center, and Mystic general manager Ryan Zivitski) is a big reason Mystic has so many happy customers. Photo by Pete Bode/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix

You’ve been in the marine industry for almost 40 years. What’s the secret of your staying power?

One thing about the boat business is it keeps you young. But you have to have passion for it to ride out the rollers like the coronavirus. Sometimes you’re going up, sometimes
you’re going down. We will get through this. I firmly believe that.

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