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Inside SOTW Mag: Simply Seebold 75 Years & Counting

It’s a good thing it was one of my first on-location assignments for Powerboat magazine, or I would have probably been pretty nervous meeting legendary tunnel boat racer Bill Seebold. The thing is, while standing near the banks of Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis in 2005, I didn’t really understand how accomplished he was. I knew his sons, Mike and Tim, were pretty dominant tunnel boat drivers for some time and that the family had a long-standing relationship with Anheuser-Busch and raced under the Bud Light/Seebold Racing banner.

seebolds 75

The Seebolds (from left to right), Bill Jr., Bill Sr., Mike and Tim, have been racing boats for 75 years. Photo courtesy Seebold Racing

At the time, I remember thinking Bill—the team’s owner and manager—Mike and Tim were easy to approach and seemed like genuinely nice people. Competitive and focused, no doubt, but still friendly to us eager media types.

You know what I wasn’t thinking? That a decade later I’d be covering their family’s milestone of racing boats for an unprecedented 75 years. Yet, after extensive phone interviews with Bill, Mike and Tim, here I am writing about the downhome, family-first Seebold team that has been represented on the racecourse since 1939.

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