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Inside SOTW Mag: Shootouts In Focus


Over-the-top thrills and under-appreciated risk—a closer look at today’s hottest top-speed events. Photo courtesy/copyright George Denny.

Type the name “Win Farnsworth” into the search function on speedonthewater.com and you’ll get 31 article results, most of which center around his participation in top-speed shootout events since he bought Low Altitude, a turbine-powered 50-foot Mystic Power- boats catamaran in early 2015. Do likewise with the name “Kenny Mungle” and you’ll get 25 article results that, like Farnsworth’s, have to do with Mungle’s shootout adventures in Gone Again, a 32-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran with Sterling Performance piston engines he bought in late 2004.

Within the national high- performance powerboating community, Farnsworth and Mungle enjoy near-celebrity status. Gentlemen both, they are gracious in their roles as ambassadors for the undeniably dangerous pursuit of taking their boats to the highest speed possible on a liquid-mile course. And despite the disparate nature of their high-speed rides, they’ve done a great job of playing up their “rivalry” for their respective fans.

Farnsworth and Mungle aren’t the only shootout specialists with big fan followings—far from it. Running a 43-foot Black Thunder V-bottom in Lake of the Ozarks Shootout to a top speed of 145 mph last year, the father-and-son team of Dennis and Jason Parvey are beloved by fans across the country. Then there’s solo shootout pilot Summer Richardson, who will run a Skater 388 catamaran in events this year, and her growing legion of supporters

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