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Inside SOTW Mag: Road Trip! Do Something Different in 2016

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If you decide to haul your boat hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles to an event far from your home waters, this much is guaranteed: You’ll have an adventure you’ll never forget. And from long hours behind the wheel to potential breakdowns on the road and simple anxiety that comes from traveling to and boating in unfamiliar territory, chances are good that not all of it will be comfortable

Then again, how many great road trip stories, the kind you tell for the rest of your life, begin with, “It was pretty much everything we expected?” No, the good stuff comes when things don’t go as planned and the unexpected occurs. And even in the rare instances where everything happens as you imagined or hoped it would, there always are surprises.

Here’s the beauty of road trips in the performance boating world: It’s a small world with a small community, meaning chances are excellent that in addition to the friends you make among the locals at any given event, you’ll make friends with other road warriors who—like you—came for an adventure.

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