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Inside SOTW Mag: Renovation Project—Switzer Sweet


Restored to perfection thanks to its dedicated owner, a classic Switzer Craft GL 20 could be the last of its kind on the water.

From motocross to snowmobiling, 55-year-old Charles Yetscontish of Fayette City, Pa., has always delighted in the sensation of speed. Even his chosen profession—Yetscontish is a pilot for American Airlines—keeps him moving pretty damn fast. He’s just comfortable in motion, particularly high-speed motion.

“I flew a private jet for a company when I was in my early 20s,” said Yetscontish, who took the long and expensive route—meaning private lessons rather than the military aviation training or college-based flight school—to his aviation career. “I was a captain flying a private jet before I could rent a car.”

But a few years before that, Yetscontish and his longtime friend Tom Kelly fell in love with waterskiing and powerboating behind an early Hydrostream model owned by Kelly. Kelly’s father also owned a 250-hp inboard-engine Switzer Craft GL, and Yetscontish fell in love with it.

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