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Inside SOTW Mag: Pure Delight

Whether it ends up being a true statement or not, Mike Stevenson said his sparkling new DCB Performance Boats M44 Widebody catamaran—one of only two 44-footers the El Cajon, Calif., company has built—is likely going to his last “big hot boat.”

DCB’s new white-hot M44 Widebody catamaran is about as beautiful as they come.

DCB’s new white-hot M44 Widebody catamaran is about as beautiful as they come. Photo by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images

If that is the case, Stevenson, who enjoys boating with his wife, Kathie, and their three kids and 12 grandkids, has one heck of a“last-hurrah” go-fast ride to enjoy in the form of the elegant, white-and-black beauty he took delivery of at the end of August on Lake Powell, the Colorado River-fed lake that borders Arizona and Utah. He keeps the 44-footer, as well as his new Adonia Yachts houseboat, at Antelope Point Marina in Page, Ariz.

Quite a contrast from the other M44 Widebody that was delivered in September—the over-the-top Spooled Up II that was painted by Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo., and features 1,550-hp Mercury Racing turbocharged engines—the 44-foot cat is powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines and M6 drives and has a superclean appearance between its remarkable pearl-white gelcoat with partially exposed carbon accents, its jet-black Alcantara interior and its stylish three-step bustle that swoops down to just above the waterline.

“I’m 72 years old so I think the M44 is going to be my last big hot boat,” said Stevenson, who admits he has his eye on a performance center console although he doesn’t count that in the “hot boat” category. “When I think about all of the years I’ve been on Lake Powell—we started boating there in 1987—and all of the boats I’ve driven on the lake—we’ve owned at least 10 the nicest boats we could think of between Skaters, Outerlimits, Formulas and more—I believe this DCB is the most perfect one. It is the right size for the lake and the right power. It handles beautifully—it is so comfortable touring Lake Powell.”

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