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Inside SOTW Mag: Pinnacle of Evolution

formula430ssc 01

Everything Formula has learned about its cruisers, day boats and sportboats during the past 30-plus years, comes together in the brilliant 430 Super Sport Crossover. Photo courtesy/copyright Formula Boats.

Not even five years ago, you probably would have scoffed at the notion of a tall, 12-plus-ton, amenity-filled 43-foot-long stepped V-bottom with four outboard engines. Heck, we likely would have scoffed with you as conventional wisdom—always worth questioning—had it that nothing other than diesel or gasoline stern-drive power was acceptable for such vessels. Outboards were for fishing boats and the occasional sport catamaran, not hefty luxury-filled full-cabin day boats.

sotw yir16 preview

To say the paradigm has shifted in the years since the recession of 2008—particularly in 2015 when Mercury Racing introduced the Verado 400R outboard engine—would be the biggest understatement of the past, well, eight years. Sure, the 400-hp Verado was the most powerful offering in the super- charged engine series, which had grown more and more reliable since its introduction in 2004. But it collided with the boom in performance-oriented center consoles, which in turn was fueled by the changing needs of former go-fast owners who craved more versatility and less upkeep from their next vessel.

Scott Porter, Formula Boats’ chief executive officer, and his brothers and sister who help him run the family-owned company in Decatur, Ind., had zero interest in getting into the competitive center console segment, which has become the bread and butter for many builders that started in the performance sportboat realm.

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