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Inside SOTW Mag: Outerlimits SL 50X Profile—Extreme Measures

As of Saturday morning during the inaugural Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats Factory Fun Run in Bristol, R.I., in mid- August, Anna Rose Trulio, my 21-year-old daughter and Dave Rowe, her boyfriend, didn’t have a ride for the day. Dan Kleitz, the company’s head of sales, had assured me he’d get them in a boat—such are the perks of being the spawn and plus-one of a go-fast boating writer. But with all that was going on with setting the 32-boat fleet in motion it hadn’t happened and the run was starting in less than 45 minutes.

Canadian Dave Scotto went big with Team Gotta Go IV, his latest—and greatest—V-bottom from Outerlimits (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Halsey Fulton.

That made me nervous, not because I didn’t trust Kleitz to come through but because there was a good chance I wouldn’t personally know the guy taking my daughter and her dude on the water for the day. And as picky as I am with who I’ll ride with, I am even more so—times 1,000—when it comes to my loved ones.

Canadian Dave Scotto saved the day—and my sanity—when he found me on the docks at Borden Light Marina, the event’s host venue in Fall River, Mass., and said he had two open spaces in Team Gotta Go IV, his new SL 50X sportboat. Not only would Anna Rose and Dave get the ride of their lives in the new, extended-cockpit 50-footer powered by a pair of dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, they’d be riding with a longtime friend and uber-experienced driver I trust implicitly.

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