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Inside SOTW Mag: On Another Planet

For a couple of reasons the headline of this event feature is quite fitting. Not only does the Lake Powell Challenge take place on one of the most incredibly scenic and unique waterways on the planet, the 10th annual celebration hosted by Antelope Point Marina in Page, Ariz., raised an unbelievable $632,000 and change for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Mountain Valley Chapter, about $125,000 more than the jaw-dropping half-million dollar donation the event made the previous year.


Lake Powell really is a sight unlike anywhere else in the country. Photo by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images

With such a sizable donation—the largest amount of money raised at any performance boat event ever—it almost goes without saying that the organizers, participants and sponsors of the Lake Powell Challenge also are out of this world.

It most definitely starts at the top with the goodhearted owner of Antelope Point Marina, Jerry Moyes, and the extremely dedicated organizers of the event, Burl Griswold, the marina’s general manager, and Megan Bobroski, sales and event coordinator for the facility. And it trickles down to the wait staff, transportation coordinators, houseboat facilities crew and more.

Then there’s the sponsor generosity, which includes Sysco’s massive food donation for the long weekend not to mention the dozens of businesses—both related and unrelated to the performance boat industry—that step up with financial donations as well as auction items.

Of course the mid-September event and the extraordinary fundraising that takes place there would not be possible without the participants themselves. And while it’s impossible to give credit to everyone who deserves it in this story, several people jump out immediately.

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