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Inside SOTW Mag: Getting To The Point

My visit in mid-July to Boyne City, Mich., only emphasized the story I was starting to work on prior to leaving for the Boyne Thunder Poker Run. I don’t know how many people agree with me, but I often think the trucks and trailers tasked with the important duty of pulling the performance boats I’m frequently exposed to are nearly as cool as the V-bottom or catamaran that rides on the trailer bunks from one waterway to the next.

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It’s always cool to see custom trucks, trailers and boats at events such as the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Photo courtesy SportChassis

That’s the main reason I wanted to write this article, and it’s exactly why my sightings in Boyne City of several boats on pristine trailers towed by custom haulers confirmed my thoughts—the same ones I had while I walked up and down McCulloch Blvd., in April during the Desert Storm Poker Run Street Party in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and peered at the jaw-dropping equipment hauling around catamarans from DCB, MTI, Nordic, Skater and more as well as V-bottoms from Adrenaline, Cigarette, Outerlimits, Sunsation and beyond.

At the same time, Boyne Thunder and Desert Storm also made it clear to me that, while extremely impressive, not everyone needs a custom Freightliner or triple-door F650. That there are, in fact, plenty of quality tow vehicles offered in the pickup industry in a variety of classes capable of hauling most, not all, types of performance boats. The same can be said for the variety of quality trailers on the market as there are plenty out there that can get the job done.

For example, MYCO Trailers in Bradenton, Fla., has been a leader in the performance boat trailer business for decades. MYCO’s Bill Tweedie was one of the people I interviewed for the story—and let me assure you that all the figureheads I called upon know their stuff and are focused on production quality, customer service and continued innovation—and he explained that the trailer-building business has been very steady, especially when it comes to outfitting performance center console models.

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