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Inside SOTW Mag: Formula 500 SSC Profile—Quite The Pairing

Less than a decade ago, if you’d told anyone that Formula Boats of Decatur, Ind., would use four outboard engines to power a 50-foot sport cruiser he or she probably would have laughed at you. But with Mercury Marine’s introduction of the Verado 600 outboard—a naturally aspirated V-12 behemoth producing 600 hp and weighing in at 1,200 to 1,400 pounds depending on dress—in early 2021 it was only a matter of time. And that pairing happened this summer in the form of a Formula 500 Super Sport Crossover powered by quad Verado 600 mills.

In every aspect, quad 600-hp V-12 outboard engines from Mercury Marine are the perfect fit for the expansive 500 Super Sport Crossover from Formula Boats.

For those who may have missed it, the Verado 600 is the world’s first V-12 outboard. What’s more, its powerhead doesn’t move with steering wheel input. Instead, the engine is equipped with a dual-propeller (contra-rotating), drive-by-wire steerable gear-case and a two-speed automatic transmission. The gear-case and fixed-powerhead setup reportedly improves handling, simplifies installation and eliminates boat-mounted components.

Those features, plus the V-12 outboard’s remarkably compact footprint with 27-inch centers, enable boatbuilders to mount multiple Verado 600s with less space between them if needed.

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