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Inside SOTW Mag: Fine Family Affairs— Regattas and Rendezvous Of 2017

Brand-specific high-performance powerboat gatherings have long been staple of the go-fast boating world, especially on the West Coast. And why not? Owners of exotic aquatic hardware are passionate about their favorite toys—and fiercely devoted their respective brands. That they appreciate spending time with others who chose toys from the same builder makes perfect sense.


Celebrations of owner passion and loyalty, four brand-specific gatherings this season were as good as they get. Photo courtesy/copyright Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images.

Call them regattas and rendezvous, such events are ultimate win-win for boat builders and their customers. The builders get the chance to thank their loyal customers—and maybe even sell a few boats—and those customers get to spend time with people who shared their excellent taste when it came time to buy.

While there were dozens of such high-quality brand-specific events this season, what follows is a look back at four that stood out hosted by Marine Technology, Inc., Cigarette Racing Team and DCB Performance Boats. And while the atmosphere during each happening was a different as the brands themselves, all were—by the accounts of the participants and their hosts—exceptional.

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