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Inside SOTW Mag: FB Marine Group’s Holistic Success

Call it karma, paying it forward, fate or even old-fashioned blind luck, good things have a way of coming full circle for good people. Take the case of Richie Powers, the director of business development of FB Marine Group, which is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Fla.


In a company culture where everyone takes ownership, FB Marine Group has grown into a marine industry powerhouse.

Back in 2008, the famed seven-time offshore powerboat racing world champion was a 60-something-year-old looking for a job. Despite his marine industry credentials, his prospects for gainful employment in the business were less than great given his age.

“And then one day I got a call from Randy Sweers of what was then Fastboats.com,” Powers said. “He said, ‘You need to come up here and talk to me. I need your help building a powerhouse.’ That was 10 years ago. So Randy bailed out this seven-time world champion powerboat racer.”

Powers took a second to pause, then laughed and started up again.

“Between Randy and Kim, his wife, they have done an amazing job staying alive and thriving in the industry,” he continued. “They survived the crisis when boat companies and other marine companies were going out of business by being true and honest. And now, I think, it is coming back ten-fold for them.”

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