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Inside SOTW Mag: Fast Forward With Midnight Express

After graduating from Boston University with a mechanical-engineering degree, Eric Glaser knew he wanted to work in the boating industry so he headed south to Miami. “I wanted to be in boats and this was where you came if you wanted to be in boats,” said the co-owner of Midnight Express Boats.

Midnight Express Boats was ahead of its time when it started building high-performance center consoles and the company is not showing any signs of slowing down. Photo courtesy/copyright Midnight Express.

He found a job with a center console fishing boat builder that he opted not to identify.

“I finished all the big jobs and they didn’t want to pay me to run the systems I put in place,” Glaser said. “They had me train someone less expensive and it went from there.”

He called his late father, Bert, who had been a prominentretinal surgeon in Baltimore and raised Eric and his younger brother, Harris, on boats. Bert also enjoyed high-performance sportscars.

“When I turned 16, we went and did the Skip Barber driving school and when my brother turned 16, we did it again,” said the 40-year-old Eric, who is three years older than Harris.

Eric and his wife, Hagan, have two kids under two years old— Bex and Boden.

When Eric Glaser left his job at the boat company, he called his father, who told him, “Forget about getting another job and let’s find a company that we could do together.”

That company ended up being Midnight Express in Miami. Eric Glaser approached the owner of the business, Tom Mason, in 2005. The two sides eventually reached an agreement and the Glasers took over Midnight Express the following year.

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