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Inside SOTW Mag: DCB’s A-Team


With a few key employees gaining partial ownership in the performance boat company last year, DCB has its A-Team in place for the future.

It’s fitting that A is the only one of the alphabet’s first four letters missing from “DCB”—aka Dave’s Custom Boats, aka DCB Racing, aka DCB Performance Boats. Why is that? Because DCB has what many consider to be an A-Team in place leading the company into an apparently bright future.

Not only does the El Cajon, Calif., boat builder keep on churning out ever-improving M29, M31, M35 and M41 catamarans, between majority owner Rob Blair, founder Dave Hemmingson and the three newest owners in DCB—Tony Chiaramonte, Jeff Johnston and Paul Miller—the builder continues to innovate while creating new boats and bringing renewed life to older models. Next up from the company are the “more attainable” outboard- powered M28, which should be water-tested in May, and the “bigger-ticket big daddy” M44, which is expected to be on the water in early summer. And, there’s more to come—we just can’t talk about it yet.

There’s no doubt DCB has been a creative, original, innovative, respected company since Hemmingson founded it more than 25 years ago, but over the last few years the company has been on overdrive in terms of new creations, brand awareness, social media reach and team- building efforts.

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