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Inside SOTW Mag: DCB M37R Catamaran Profile—Closer Together

As two-time DCB Performance Boats catamaran owners, Steve and Kelly Marino of Auburn, Ala., knew they would love their third one, an M37R Widebody powered by two Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. Impeccable build quality and performance were givens for the couple—the Marinos had come to expect those qualities from the El Cajon, Calif., builder based on prior experiences.

For Alabama’s Stephen and Kelly Marino, DCB No. 3—an eight-seat M37R Widebody cat with a pair of Mercury Racing 450R engines—is the best one yet. Photo by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

But their favorite aspect of the new boat could be its seating arrangement. The Marinos ordered the 37-footer with an eight-seat cockpit configuration that literally keeps their family closer together on the water. The buckets between the driver and co-pilot seats and the rear bench brings Zoey and Samantha, their twin seven-year-old daughters, closer to their parents at the helm station than they would be if seated on the bench.

“With all four of us closer together, we can keep a closer eye on the girls,” said Stephen Marino. “And it became a full- blown, eight-seat cockpit, which is bad-ass, that we can enjoy as a family.”

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