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Inside SOTW Mag: Cigarette Racing Unfiltered


There’s a whole bunch of things in this world that Skip Braver, the owner and chief executive officer Cigarette Racing Team in Opa-Locka, Fla., doesn’t want to do. Prime example: He doesn’t want to—and won’t—install anything but Mercury power in his sportboats and performance center consoles, not because he doubts that other engine shops can build reliable engines but because in the 12 years he’s owned the company Mercury power has proven itself to him. He doesn’t want to—and refuses to—cut corners in the production of his products. He doesn’t want to pay much attention to what most other folks in the industry doing because while it may work for them he doesn’t believe it will work for Cigarette.

Most of all, Skip Braver doesn’t want to discuss “what works for us.” Spend some time with him and you’ll hear that expression a lot, and what he means is that the strategies and plans he creates for Cigarette are specifically for Cigarette. Competitive by nature, Braver isn’t big on sharing his vision for success with the industry. He’s not going to hand a visiting reporter an annual financial statement that includes, profit and loss numbers, unit sales and key growth markets. Ask him how many boats he built last year and he’ll ask you how many boats you think he built last year. Ask him again and you’ll get the same answer.

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Photo courtesy/copyright Cigarette Racing Team.