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Inside SOTW Mag: Brand Appeal

If there’s one thing that’s remained true about performance boating from the early days is that it’s as much about the thrill as it is about the lifestyle. Looking good and hopefully feeling good should come with the ownership of such hardware. It’s the reason Cigarette Racing Team has such luster. The same reason applies to brands like Skater PowerboatsOuterlimits Offshore PowerboatsMTIDCB Performance Boats and more.

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Ken Lalonde and his crew looked good and had fun at the 1000 Islands Charity Poker Run in New York in July. Photo by Jason Johnson

Owners ultimately purchase a go-fast boat because they like the performance, right? But they also get one to make a statement—and part of that statement is the name they choose complemented with the graphics design and color scheme. Whether the name is clever, part of a theme, speed related or even some type of tribute, there’s always meaning behind it. And in most cases, said owner doesn’t mind being branded as the owner of say, Pure Platinum.

In the case of Bill Pyburn Jr., the Florida native behind two notable 38-foot Skater Powerboats catamarans of the same name, neither of which he owns any longer, he wasn’t the owner who wanted everyone in “team” gear even though it took a team to take the boats from event to event for many years. Pyburn is not the only one. Some people just don’t dress the part or put on a badge that makes it known which boat is theirs.

For others—as in many, many others—the team- building, team-branding, more-outrageous-the-better approach to apparel is part of the fun. There’s that lifestyle part again. And now, more than ever thanks to material and technology advancements, the brand representation ranges from hats, dresses and tank tops to bikinis, board shorts and jackets. Many teams (yes, we know they don’t race) even order dozens of extra shirts, hats and more to hand out.

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