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Inside SOTW Mag: Big Fish On A Small Pond


A 43-foot-long V-bottom may seem like a lot of boat for Lake Havasu, but for Jay and Colleen Jorgenson it’s just right. Photo courtesy/copyright Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images.

Asked if he’s ever encountered conditions on Lake Havasu, the famed Colorado River-fed West Coast go-fast-boat hotbed with shoreline in Arizona and California, that could remotely challenge his Sunsation F4 V-bottom, Jay Jorgenson paused before laughing.

“No,” said Jorgenson, who has lived year- round in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., with his wife, Colleen, for the past 14 years. “That’s why we like going back to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. There’s big enough water there.

Jorgenson laughed again. “The first time we went there, I hit a double set of rollers and broke the steering wheel,” he said.

Why then did Jorgenson, a high-end hot rod builder by trade through his Lake Havasu City-based Speedway Customs shop, buy a 43-foot wave-crushing V-bottom for a waterway he knows is mostly calm—at least by full-size offshore V-bottom standards? Because he and his wife thought they’d use it for overnighting, which has happened exactly once in the six years they’ve owned the boat.

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