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Inside SOTW Mag: A New Fire Escape

Todd Fountain remembers well that fateful moment on a sun-drenched summer day. Although he didn’t see it as a life-changing episode at the time, the 13-year-old Fountain was riding his BMX bike down A-Dock at Ohio’s picturesque Put-in- Bay on Lake Erie.

skater 402v lead

Todd Fountain’s stunning 402 V from Skater Powerboats is featured in the latest Speed On The Water magazine. Photo by Jay Nichols/Naples Image

Fountain heard a roar in the distance. Still pedaling hard, he scanned the surrounding waters for the mysterious dock-shaking rumble. And then he saw the approaching offshore powerboat—an Ocean Express catamaran dubbed Jaws. Fountain was awestruck as hew atched the large cat blast across the bay.

He was spellbound—so mesmerized, in fact, that he didn’t realize he had reached the end of the dock until he rode off it. With help from his father, he salvaged the bike from the bottom of the lake 12 feet below the surface. But Fountain was a changed man, or drenched boy as it were, forever. The powerboat bug had bitten him hard.

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