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Inside a 150-mph Pleasure Boat


Less than 20 years ago, hitting 150 mph in a powerboat was far from common. For the most part, that kind of speed was limited to a few high-end offshore racing catamarans with big and most often temperamental power.

The thought of cracking the 150-mph mark in a V-bottom didn’t just seem far-fetched, it seemed downright terrifying, because V-bottoms are much less stable at high speed than catamarans. John Tomlinson has described driving a V-bottom at speeds above 120 mph as, “like trying to balance a bowling ball on a razor blade,” and as a multi-time offshore racing champion it’s fair to say he comes to his opinion honestly.

Today, there are any number of high-performance pleasure catamarans that can hit and exceed 150 mph with stability, but on the V-bottom side there’s only one. It’s the new Outerlimits Super Leggera 52 open-cockpit model powered by twin Mercury Racing 1650 Race engines that owner Dave Scotto of Ontario, Canada, recently brought to the annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri.

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