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Indy Drives Going Behind Teague Power

One story always leads to another. Here’s what I mean: I just finished interviewing Ian Hawkins, the general manager of Ilmor Marine, for an article I’m writing for the next issue of Powerboat magazine about a 30-foot Skater catamaran with twin 710-hp Ilmor engines that has been retrofitted with Ilmor’s Indy drives. It is the first boat to be retrofitted with drives—they were designed for the 725-hp Ilmor Gen IV engine and 710-hp engine is a Gen III unit—and the project was a collaboration between Douglas Marine/Skater and Ilmor.

During our interview, Hawkin’s mentioned that Bob Teague of Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, Calif., is currently installing a pair of Indy drives on an Eliminator catamaran with Teague power.

“They’re going on a 28 Speedster with supercharged TCM 800EFI engines,” Teague explained.

When the installation is finished, the cat will function as a “test bed” of sorts for the Indy drives.

“We want to see just how much horsepower they can take, and for how long,” said Hawkins.