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Industry Reaction to Reggie Fountain’s Departure

Spent the better part of the morning contacting various people in the high-performance powerboat industry about Reggie Fountain’s recent departure from Fountain Powerboats in Washington, N.C. Here’s what they had to say.

Fred Kiekhaefer

President, Mercury Racing

“Reggie is a strong-willed man, very capable and not necessarily very comfortable working in a corporate environment. On one hand, I’m disappointed to see him leave his namesake. On the other hand, I completely understand it. He’ll be happy in an entrepreneurial role and I’ll do everything I can to help make him successful. He’s done a lot for our industry. I hope the owners do a good job of hitting their marketing objectives with very successful companies built by people who weren’t able to stay with them.”

Peter Hledin

Owner and founder, Douglas Marine/Skater

“Everyone is sorry to see Reggie go, and we wish him the best. Maybe he’ll pop up somewhere else. I think he’d make a great spokesperson for Skater.”

Joe Schaldenbrand

Vice-president, Sunsation Performance Boats

“I think Fountain has a fair-sized task ahead of them because Reggie had such a loyal following and customer base. Hopefully they can maintain that without his presence. To me, Reggie was the biggest icon in the industry for many years, especially in offshore racing. His contribution to the sport is just incredible. When you’re that big, there are going to be people who like and dislike what you do, but his accomplishments are extraordinary. I’ve watched him for years and I might have done some things differently than he did, but it boils down to accomplishments. He’s accomplished more than any other manufacturer out there.”

Skip Braver

Owner and chief executive officer, Cigarette Racing Team

“Losing his expertise is not a positive for Fountain. I’m sure that whatever Reggie ends up doing he’ll be as successful and innovative as he’s been in the past.”

Bob Teague,

Owner, Teague Custom Marine

“The one thing you have to give Reggie credit for him is enthusiasm and promotional ability. The business is going to miss that part of it. I believe that Fountain, the boat, is still going to do very well because of all the things Reggie has done with the design. I don’t think this is the last we’re going to hear from Reggie Fountain.”